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Selected articles include:

Behind the Code: Ken Pomeroy” (10-26-2015)

An Update on Drones in Sports” (9-29-2015)

How To Use R For Sports Stats, Part 1: The Absolute Basics” (7-7-2015)

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Selected articles include:

Exploring Linguistic Diversity in the United States” (1-29-2014)

Speak Softly and Carry a Big Dataset” (10-28-2013)

Tracking Life Changes with Personal Analytics” (8-27-2013)


For linguists, Arrival can’t come soon enough” (Science, 11-11-2016)

Still got the right stuff: the next generation of rocket scientists” (Ars Technica, 1-23-2011)

Fly me to the moon: the Google Lunar X PRIZE, three years in” (Ars Technica, 1-6-2011)

Are Today’s Kids Reading Enough Science Fiction?” (X PRIZE Foundation, 5-26-2009)