About Brice

Brice Russ
currently works at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center as a Social Media Specialist, on contract with ASRC Federal as a Senior Technical Writer.

Before joining ASRC and NASA, Brice was the Social Media Producer for the research journal Science. He previously managed public relations, communications, and policy for organizations including the Linguistic Society of America, Wolfram Research, and the National Space Society. Brice is also an occasional freelance writer and social media consultant.

Brice received his M.A. in linguistics from The Ohio State University, where his research on Twitter dialect maps was featured in the New York Times, and his B.A. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

When he’s not talking to people about space (or volunteering with Yuri’s Night), Brice enjoys curling, trivia, and rooting for the Nationals and Tar Heels.